Import and Export project advice with Chinese Companies


Import and Export project advice with Chinese Companies

In order to meet a growing trade market demand, SERPA CHINA offers a number of solutions to assist Brazilian companies seeking business opportunities in the Chinese market. To improve bilateral relations, we develop a business advisory service that has as its main goal to provide the most extensive advice and assistance in the negotiations between Brazil and China. Promoting sales and simplifying the search for suppliers, buyers, products and services.

Through the support provided by our international offices located in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Miami, United States and Ningbo, China, we offer the following services:

- Market research: Detailed research about the customer's business activity, making the search for suppliers easier and effective, as well as identifying new investment opportunities.

- Optimization and cost reduction: price analysis, operational overhead and cost analysis.

- Information service: : Includes the identification of products in the Chinese territory, with qualification analysis and selection based on technical criteria (certifications, equipment, production capacity, etc.) in order to draw the ideal supplier, according to the buyer’s import expectations.

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